Air Compressor Made in USA: A Helpful Buyer’s Guide

Air Compressors 16 Brands Made In USA (Electric and Gas)

There are a few brands of air compressors made in the USA, such as SpeedAire, Quincy, Campbell Hausfeld, Emax, and Industrial Air, to name a few. (Below) After research, I have compiled a helpful list with pictures of air compressor brands made in USA, including electric and gas-powered and conveniently available online:

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Here’s an overview table with electric and gas air compressors assembled and made in America, including the list above.

Electric Air Compressor Made in USAGas Air Compressor Made in USA
Speedaire (20-gal, 135-psi, 120/240v)Speedaire (8-gal, 125-psi, 6.5hp)
Ingersoll Rand (60-gal, 135-psi, 230v)Ingersoll Rand (8-gal, 135-psi, 5.5hp)
Jenny (8-gal twin, 125-psi, 115v)Jenny (17-gal, 125-psi, 8hp)
Chicago Pneumatic (80-gal, 175-psi, 208/230v)Chicago Pneumatic (30-gal, 175-psi, 13-hp)
DeWalt (30-gal, 155-psi, 120v)DeWalt (8-gal, 150-psi, 4.8hp)
Belaire (26-gal, 135-psi, 120/240v)Belaire (30-gal, 175-psi, 13hp)
Quincy (60-gal, 175-psi, 230v)Quincy (30-gal, 175-psi, 14hp)
Emax (80-gal, 175-psi, 208-230v)Emax (60-gal, 175-psi, 18hp)
Mi-T-M (120-gal, 175-psi, 230v)Mi-T-M (8-gal twin, 125-psi, 5.5hp)
Mega (4-gal twin, 125-psi, 120v)Mega Compressor (20-gal 14cfm-@-90-psi, 6.5hp)
Industrial Air (30-gal, 155-psi, 120/240v)Industrial Air (4-gal, 155-psi, 5hp)
OEMTools (120-gal, 175-psi, 230v)OEM Tools (30-gal, 175-psi, 13hp)
Porter Cable (6-gal, 150-psi, 120v)
Campbell Hausfeld (80-gal, 200-psi, 208/230, 460v)
Bostitch (6-gal, 150-psi, 120v)
Jet (60-gal, 125-psi, 220/240v)
Air Compressors Made in USA Overview

What to Consider Before Purchasing an Air Compressor

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that you should always select an air compressor that exceeds the SCFM requirements of your most potent air tools. In addition, when choosing an air compressor, make sure that it can deliver the amount of air and pressure that your tools need. For example, you are inflating your bike or car tires at home, running your air tools for DIY projects, or auto repair in the shop.

Answering these questions will make it easier for you to determine the type of air compressor you need.

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How Are Air Compressors Rated?

Air compressors are rated in cubic feet per minute (CFM). However, CFM varies with atmospheric pressure, air temperature, and humidity. Because of these variations, manufacturers created a standard called standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM).

The CFM is corrected to sea level with an air temperature of 68 degrees and relative humidity of 36%. SCFM ratings are given at a specific pressure, e.g., twenty cubic feet per minute at 100 psi. As the pressure is reduced, the SCFM pressure increases and vice versa.

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When Buying an Electric Air Compressor

Before purchasing an electric air compressor, you should know the electrical supply to your home or shop. An electric air compressor motor ranges from 110-volt half-horsepower versions to gigantic 220/240-volt three-phase motors over 25 horsepower.

The electrical service available in your home or shop will determine the largest electric air compressor you can install. Electricity supplied to most residential properties consists of a single-phase or voltage signal.

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And electricity used in heavy industry is usually three-phase. Few, if any, homes have three-phase electrical capacity. Therefore, some converters allow three-phase motors to be used in a building with single-phase wiring.

However, I recommend that you start with a single-phase model. I also recommend that when looking for an electric air compressor, always look at the amperage of the electric motor.

Electrical service is measured in (AMPS). Typical homes have a 100, 150, or 200 amp service, and often older homes have a minor electric service. All-electric compressor motors should have a label indicating the motor amperage.

And as the size of the electric motor increases, so does the amperage needed. It is possible to overwhelm the electrical service with a large compressor in your home or shop.

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When Buying a Gas Air Compressor

Before buying a gas compressor, think about whether it is a compressor that will be bolted to a service truck. Many service truck owners lose their expensive tools because these trucks are very vulnerable to thieves.

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I always like to recommend wheeled gas air compressors because you can place the compressor closer to where you most need to run your air tools at any time and store it back in the shop or garage. In addition, these gas compressors require more hands-on preventive maintenance, such as:

Oil change and filter, making sure to bleed fuel from the system if it has not been used for extended periods, to name a few.

It is also essential to keep in mind that these gas air compressors are not intended to be used in an enclosed area. And one last recommendation about gas air compressors is that most contractors opt to purchase a compressor with a Honda engine. This says a lot about the durability and performance of these compressors powered by Honda engines.

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When Buying an Air Compressor for Home Use

If you are a homeowner and you are only going to do small jobs, for example: For a finishing job or inflating your car tires, you can buy a small pancake-type air compressor. A pancake-type air compressor is very easy to move around, especially if you need to go to different areas of your house to do finishing jobs. Typically, pancake air compressors have a power rating of:

  • 0.7 scfm @ 90-psi.
  • 135 max-psi.
  • 0.5 horsepower.
  • 1-gallon tank.

These ratings are good enough to run a small air stapler and inflate tires. Suppose you plan to use, for example, a small air sander. In that case, I suggest you purchase a 10-gallon compressor, as all air sanders need a constant air supply to operate effectively. Now, if you are a homeowner and want to sand your entire car or use a sandblast in your garage, then you will need a 60-gallon capacity.

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Learn How to Master Air Compressor Couplers (Helpful Guide)

(Below) I will go over air compressor couplers and the different styles and formats available.

What Does an Air Compressor Quick Coupler Do?

Quick couplings can be found in many shop environments, whether in the automotive or heavy industry. They are used in air systems to connect a hose full of compressed air to a pneumatic tool such as an impact wrench.

You may wonder why you would have these on your air-lines and tools instead of a standard threaded fitting. Well, it’s because couplers are a vital part of any shop. After all, they allow you to change tools quickly and efficiently. This helps you speed up your workflow and streamline your workday.

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What Does Air Compressor Quick Coupler Consists Of?

Quick couplers consist of two components: the socket and the plug.

  • The socket is the female end of the coupler and is usually screwed onto the end of the air hose.
  • The plug is the male half and is usually screwed onto the pneumatic tool’s end, such as an impact wrench.

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Main Air Compressor Coupler Categories

The main categories of air compressor couplers are:

  • Style.
  • Basic flow size: 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″.
  • Connection.

Air Compressor Coupler Styles

You can find ten main styles on the market today. The coupler styles are marked by letters and SCFM flow capacity as follows:

  • L-32 scfm.
  • A-34 scfm.
  • D-34 scfm.
  • M-40 scfm.
  • T-40 scfm.
  • AA-59 scfm.
  • H-67 scfm.
  • P-68 scfm.
  • G.125″-99 scfm.
  • G.375″-99 scfm.

They all differ from each other by the amount of SCFM or standard cubic feet per minute of air they move. For example, an A-34 style coupler can move about 34 cubic feet per minute, which is on the low end of the style options listed above. Typically, you’ll find an A-34 style coupler in an auto shop, where air tools generally need slower flow rates to work correctly.

Now, on the high end of the scale, for example, a G-99 style male coupler and or plug will move more air at 99-SCFM. And a G-99 style is usually needed on more extensive pneumatic tools that require a large amount of air to operate, such as a heavy-duty machine.

It is also essential to match the SCFM of the coupler to the tool being used. As too much airflow can break a pneumatic tool, too little airflow will not allow the tool to operate correctly.

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Air Compressor Coupler Basic Flow Size

There are three basic flow sizes for air couplers, namely 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″. Now, when we talk about the basic flow size, it is essential to note that we are not talking about the thread size of the air coupler connection. The basic flow size refers to the air handling capacity of the coupler. For example, a 1/4″ coupler can handle up to 40 scfm. A 3/8″ coupler can handle up to 60 scfm. And a 1/2″ coupler can handle more than 60 scfm.

Thus, thread size and flow size are two measurements utterly independent of each other. This means that a larger thread size will not translate into higher airflow because your airflow is determined by the coupler design.

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Air Compressor Coupler Connection Types

The most common air compressor coupler connection types you will see are female and male pipe connections such as NPT. There are also hose barb-type connections. Barb-type connections are installed by simply pushing them onto your hose instead of screwing them on like the NPT connection.

Now, we may know all the differences between these air couples, but how could we quickly and effectively identify them? The critical thing when identifying air couplers is that the focus should not be on the manufacturer but the style. This is the key to the simplicity and interchangeability of air couplers. It doesn’t matter who makes the coupler, but that you use the right style for your application.