Pressure Washer with Surface Cleaner (Electric & Gas-Powered)

Pressure Washer With Surface Cleaner

Pressure washing with a surface cleaner makes the process much easier and more practical. Below, after researching, I thought I would post a curated and helpful list of pressure washers with surface cleaners for commercial and residential applications with electric and gas-powered options conveniently available online.

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Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner vs Spray Nozzle

A surface cleaner can clean a typical 400 sq. ft. surface area in 10 minutes. While cleaning the same surface area with a pressure washer and a standard spray nozzle will take over 80 minutes. For example, a 24-inch surface cleaner is a manageable size that provides excellent coverage. And cleaning up to 40 square feet in one minute, drastically reducing cleaning times and the labor required for the cleaning process. 

As I mentioned earlier, when using a surface cleaner, the results are a nice clean surface with no marks or lines. And all done in a fraction of the time it would take with a pressure washer spray nozzle, saving both time and money. 

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Should You Use a Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

In most cases, when hard surfaces are pressure cleaned without a surface cleaner, you will notice marks or streaks left by the pressure spray nozzle. A surface cleaner is simple, powerful, and effective in saving time, water, and above all, effort when appropriately used. In addition, a surface cleaner is a very reliable machine designed to outperform any combination of pressure washers and spray nozzles. 

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6 Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner Advantages

1. Handle

Many surface cleaners are manufactured with an offset floating handle that provides ease of use and operator comfort. The floating handle also allows the operator to achieve the perfect working angle for their needs. 

2. Quick Connect

Some typical quick-connect handles on a surface cleaner require no tools to disconnect, eliminating misplacement. 

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3. Minimal Walk Clearance

When using a surface cleaner, the distance to the wall is significantly reduced, which reduces the manual labor required to complete the cleaning process of all wall surfaces. 

4. Swivel Caster Wheels

Many surface cleaners are equipped with 1 to 3/4-inch swivel caster wheels. Caster wheels provide superior stability and balance, combined with easy mobility that allows straight or side-to-side cleaning motions. 

5. Brush Skirt

The brush skirt of a surface cleaner comes with thick, stiff bristles that help keep debris out of the cleaning path. In addition, the surface cleaner brush skirt will prevent overspray and help reduce the noise level of the surface cleaner. 

6. Professional Grade

One feature that contractors look for in a surface cleaner is professional-grade stainless steel because they are built for performance and success. Typically, in a professional-grade surface cleaner, the housing is made of stainless steel and not a brittle composite for durability and a professional appearance. In addition, the spray bar is rigid and durable for a long and stable life span. 

With a professional-grade pressure washer surface cleaner, you will have the confidence of knowing that you will accomplish better results. As I mentioned earlier, the four caster wheels on the professional-grade surface cleaner will help maneuverability and are ideal for those large areas. 

Ideal Surface Cleaner Tip Size For New and Old Concrete

Whether you use a small, medium, or large size, the principle and theory of surface cleaning are the same. 

Surface Cleaner Tip Size For New Concrete

When using a two-tip surface cleaner to clean concrete gently, a 2507 tip is the ideal size with an 8-gallon-per-minute machine. 

Surface Cleaner Tip Size For Old Concrete

Using a two-tip surface cleaner for filthy old concrete, tip 1504 is the preferred size with an 8-gallon per minute machine. Assuming you have a 4-gallon per minute machine, in that case, you will need a 1502-tip size. 

How to Connect a Surface Cleaner to a Pressure Washer

Connecting the surface cleaner is simple; follow these five easy steps (below). 

  1. After connecting the water hose supply to the pressure washer, connect the surface cleaner to the high-pressure hose as you would with a standard wand assembly. 
  2. Make sure all connections are securely in place. 
  3. Turn on the water, squeeze and hold the trigger of the surface cleaner. 
  4. Start the pressure washer. 
  5. The surface cleaner will start to rotate and build pressure allowing the surface cleaner to be guided along the surface.