Electric Pressure Washers: That Won’t Break the Bank

Electric Pressure Washers That Won’t Break the Bank

With today’s technology and innovation, pressure washing has never been easier. So here is a helpful list of electric pressure washers based on the current market and most valued by customers. But first, let’s review some factors and recommendations before deciding which electric pressure washer is best for you. Electric pressure washers are excellent for removing stubborn dirt quickly and easily. Compared to a typical garden hose, a pressure washer can provide up to 75 times more cleaning power and 80% less water.

Based on affordability, performance, and most importantly, customer experience, these are my top 3 picks for electric pressure washers.

1. AR Blue Clean Pressure Washer

The AR Blue Clean electric pressure washer is easy to use and simple to assemble. With the power and durability of this high-capacity electric pressure washer, you can get things done by simply flipping the switch and washing. This unique pressure washer generates enough real pressure cleaning power to restore the exterior of your home and then clean your patio furniture and garage doors. The AR Blue Clean pressure washer quickly cleans your car, your children’s play areas, your house, the deck, and the driveway.

Lightweight and portable, the AR Blue Clean has deep cleaning power, an assortment of quick-connect nozzles, and durable all-metal hose connections. You can add hose extensions like surface cleaners, wash brushes, or foam soap applicators to give you even more versatility for added convenience. AR Blue Clean pressure washers give you the power to complete projects quickly and make your home look new.

2. Sun Joe Pressure Washer

Five included nozzles are stored in the back of the unit.

  • The 0° orange nozzle is best for small concentrated areas to remove tar grease stains and clump mud. 
  • The 15° yellow nozzle is for intensive cleaning on hard surfaces to remove mold stains from paint and rust from steel. 
  • The 25° green nozzle is suitable for cladding the house with wood covering the patios and driveways. 
  • The 40° gray nozzle is suitable for cars, trucks, boats, and patio furniture. 
  • The black soap nozzle is for low-pressure detergent cleaning. 

All nozzles fit easily into the spray wand, and to remove the nozzle, pull the quick-release latch to remove it. This pressure washer also requires minimal assembly, which is easy to do. The unit has a GFCI plug that prevents electrical shock in wet locations, a great safety feature. Use the unit, connect it to your faucet with a garden hose, push the other end in, and turn the adapter counter-clockwise to tighten it and ensure it does not have a cross-thread to prevent leakage.

Turn the pressure washer on, and you are ready to use the pressure washer. You can use the yellow nozzle to clean the vinyl liner and effortlessly remove dirt and mold from your side of the house. It will take time and energy to do all the siding, but it’s easier than hand-scrubbing and low-cost than hiring someone to do it. If your house is taller than a floor, you’ll have to climb a ladder to get to the top of your home. Moving the pressure washer is not complicated because it has two wheels that make it easy to carry. The cable and hose can get in the way of movement, so watch out for that.

For concrete/stucco walls, I recommend using the yellow nozzle for the best results. Keep in mind that if the paint on your house is too old, the color could come off. If this is the case, I recommend keeping a distance when you pressure wash your house walls. It’s nice to see my walkway’s actual color; it shows the Sun Joe pressure washer’s effectiveness. Also, with this total shutdown system, the pump shuts off when not used to save energy, and the pressure washer does not make much noise.

The gray nozzle is softer and can work well on your patio furniture; you can wash your table and chairs very quickly. You can use different nozzles for aluminum alloy car wheels depending on the intensity of washing you need for your car wheels. And for the dirt the bird poop in your car, you can use the gray nozzle. With this pressure washer, when it comes to washing your car, your house, or patio furniture, including flower pots, you can save a lot of time and effort. This pressure washer has many uses outdoors; it worked very well on Koller’s concrete liner and furniture. It is a good value considering the price and the many benefits.

3. Westinghouse Pressure Washer

Westinghouse’s electric pressure washer was designed with innovation in mind. Let’s take a closer view of why all the features make this electric pressure washer unique.

  • Quick-Lock Wheels: With four individually rotating wheels, it can turn 360° lockable wheels, ensuring maximum mobility at all times.
  • Adjustable Pressure: With four quick-connect nozzle tips and a soap applicator, you can choose the pressure to clean your surfaces from a concentrated spray to a softer spray.
  • Easy Coil Hose: It is easy to maneuver and use when you have a 25 ft. nylon braided EZ coil hose combined with a 35 ft. cable with a GFCI plug.
  • Onboard Soap Tank: With a convenient onboard soap tank to add more cleaning power to your tasks, it has the versatility of removing dross with your detergent or chemical.
  • Anti-Tip Technology: With a low center of gravity, it is built with its weight distributed evenly and closer to the ground for anti-tip mobility.
  • Maximizes efficiency: Combined with an ultra-compact 360° steering and a professional-style gun with a full stop system to automatically stop the axial cam pump when the trigger is not in use.
  • For Your Dirtiest Jobs: This versatile pressure washer is ideal for light to medium cleaning tasks for various surfaces, from brick, stone, concrete, wood, aluminum, and iron, making cleaning sidewalks and fences on your decks to cars and patio furniture much easier.

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How Are Pressure Washers Rated?

Pressure washer ratings are classified as follows:

  • PSI-Pounds Per Square Inch: The PSI represents the pump’s water pressure essential to break down the dirt; the higher the PSI, the higher the water pressure.
  • GPM-Gallons Per Minute: GPM is the amount of water supplied by the sprinkler used for pressure washing and cleaning the area; the higher the GPM, the greater the water volume.
  • CU-Cleaning Units: The CU score is the combined measure of water pressure and volume; the higher the score, the more power available to penetrate the dirt and wash the dirt away.

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To help you get the most out of your pressure washer, it’s a good idea to match your cleaning needs with the right model type. Car washing or light seasonal cleaning would be considered low power. A medium-duty model would be a better choice for more challenging jobs like fences, doorways, and decks. For heavy-duty models that run on gas and excel at demanding jobs such as cleaning coatings to prepare a surface for painting, this option is the most commonly used by contractors.

With no fuel or oil to add, electric pressure washers require less maintenance than gas washers. They are also compact, convenient, and ideal for a wide variety of light to medium-duty cleaning jobs. Setup is easy; follow the step-by-step instructions shown in the product manual.

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Which Receptacle Should You Use to Connect Your Electric Pressure Washer?

Always use a GFCI protected receptacle. A GFCI has an internal switch that will automatically trip when a ground fault current is detected because many electric pressure washers operate at 13 amps. It would help if you did not share the same 15 amp circuit in the house with other appliances. If you press the power button, you will hear the motor pressurize and then go into standby mode until you pull the spray gun trigger.

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What Detergents Should You Use in Pressure Washers?

It is essential to use only detergents explicitly made for pressure washers for your machine’s job performance and longevity. Never use bleach, ammonia, or any other household cleaning solution, as doing so could be unsafe and harmful. I recommend you use Karcher Multi-Purpose detergent for pressure washers. Ensure you use the black spray tip detergent that can be applied only when there is no backpressure from the nozzle. Also, the detergents work best when applied to a dry surface.

How to Prevent Pressure Washers From Clogging

I recommended that you remove the detergent residue at the end of the job to avoid clogging the tips and the wand. To do this, re-fill the tank with water and run the unit for one minute. Cleaning techniques vary, but I recommend a consistent sweeping approach with overlap. Choose an appropriate pressure tip and position the spray nozzle at a distance to allow the work to be done while avoiding damage or scratching. If the water flow appears restricted, check the water filter screen inside the water inlet and remove debris. Also, check that the spray tips are not blocked to prevent damage.

At What Weather Temperature Should Pressure Washers Not Be Used?

You should not use pressure washers at temperatures below 5°C / 41°F.

How to Store a Pressure Washer for the Winter

Winterizing before seasonal storage is essential, and the simplest way is to apply a pressure washer pump protector. (See image below)

Run the pressure washer for a few seconds to ensure that all remaining water is purged. Then apply the pump protector in the water inlet press to release the antifreeze until it penetrates the entire internal system described in the product manual. Also, be sure to keep pets and animals at a safe distance from any antifreeze and clean up any spills. As you can see, with a few simple maintenance procedures, you can be confident that your pressure washer will give you years of trouble-free. You are saving you a powerful, accurate, and reliable performance electric pressure washer.

To recap: I hope that by reading this helpful article, you will eventually be able to choose the right electric pressure washer for your home. Keeping your home nice and clean is always necessary, and it will always be a pleasure to help you achieve that goal. You can read more about pressure washer brands that are actually made in the USA here. It’s a beneficial article that can also help you choose the right pressure washer for your home or car washing.