3 Point Sprayer For Compact Tractor (With alternatives)

3 Point Sprayer For Compact Tractor

Whether you have a small, medium-sized pasture, or a large lawn, a 3-point sprayer for a compact tractor may be just what you need for your property. Below, in this article, I have put together a list with pictures of 3-point sprayers for compact tractors from 45 to 55-gallon capacity, including alternatives from 13 to 61-gallon capacity, and conveniently available online. Plus, with some helpful hints and tips for choosing a suitable sprayer.

3 Point Sprayer For Compact Tractor

3 Point Sprayer Alternatives

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Boom and Boomless Tractor Sprayer (Pros and Cons)

Choosing a tractor sprayer with or without a boom is one of the most important decisions you will have to make before buying. If you’re new to tractor sprayers, booms usually deploy and put the liquids right on the ground and have these nozzles that sit close to the ground. Boomless sprayers are nozzles mounted on the back of the sprayer and spray in a fan shape. But there are advantages and disadvantages to both, so let’s go over the boomless first.

Boomless Sprayer

With today’s nozzles, boomless nozzles can reach up to thirty feet of spray coverage. The advantage of a boomless sprayer is that it will cost you less. Also, with a boomless sprayer, you don’t have to worry about the booms sticking out and going through narrow areas.

Another advantage is that boomless sprayers work well in rugged terrain because no booms are sticking out and becoming unbalanced all over the place. Another advantage of the boomless sprayer is that there are fewer nozzles to worry about, making maintenance easier.

So when you have to clean a boom sprayer, you have to go to each nozzle. In contrast, a boomless sprayer only has two nozzles or three, but the maintenance is much less. Also, because there are fewer nozzles, a boomless sprayer is easier to control when spraying. A boomless sprayer also takes up little space, making it easier to store.

Boom Sprayer

Now, let’s cover the advantages of a boom sprayer. The significant advantage of a boom sprayer is precision, getting the liquids down precisely where you want them, and spraying in a bit of windier conditions. If you are a farmer and use many sprays and, as we all know, the spray is expensive, having a boom sprayer is a must.

So, getting the material down to the ground in the shortest distance possible is a significant advantage and cost-efficient. Also, if you go back and forth, it’s much easier to know where you’ve been with a boom sprayer as opposed to a boomless sprayer.

One thing about a boom sprayer that I would recommend is that if you can get one where the booms fold back so if you hit something in the field that you didn’t know was there, you don’t break the boom sprayer off. Some booms fold up, and some fold back; either will work well.

Choosing a Tractor Sprayer By Application (Helpful guide)

A helpful guide to choosing a spraying method is to think about your application. For example, if you make your income from spraying, you must invest in booms for accuracy.

Suppose you are a hobby farmer and just spraying fence rows or doing wildlife plots and things like that, and you are not making any income. In that case, buying a boomless sprayer will be better.

I recommend boomless sprayers for uneven ground like ditches or oversized holes for specific situations.

And if you’re dealing with bulldozed ground with many bumps, definitely go with a boomless sprayer. If you are in an area with many trees and are trying to keep weeds out, use a boomless sprayer. Also, if you are going around fences or fence rows, use a boomless sprayer.

Another thing to consider for the spraying method is the height of the material you spray. For example, if the material is too high, boom sprayers will not work at all.

Where you want to use a boom sprayer is in agricultural applications. Field applications with a well-leveled field and a farming operation where accuracy is essential. So if there’s a little bit of a breeze that will affect spraying accuracy, then definitely use a boom sprayer.