How Much is a Wheelbarrow: Prices by power option

How Much is a Wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is one of the most straightforward and practical pieces of equipment invented. It continues to revolutionize from traditional to battery or gasoline-powered options. (Below) in this article, I will cover the prices of the wheelbarrow with pictures based on the power options and conveniently available online.

Wheelbarrow Prices

The price of a wheelbarrow, including traditional, rechargeable battery-electric and gas-powered, ranges from about $40 to $12,000. At the same time, gas-powered wheelbarrows for harsh construction environments are in the higher price range. In comparison, a traditional single-wheel wheelbarrow is typically in the lower price range.

Average Wheelbarrow Price

Average Price$6,020
High Price$12,000
Low Price$40
Wheelbarrow average price overview.

Over the years, traditional wheelbarrows have greatly improved to be more efficient and easier to operate on a large scale and with less physical effort, i.e., from a conventional manual wheelbarrow to an electric and gas-powered with a hydraulic tray option. Moreover, this impressive equipment is trendy at the heavy construction level and among homeowners.

Wheelbarrow Prices by Power Option

Traditional Wheelbarrow Price

Traditional non-powered wheelbarrows, including one-, two-, three- and four-wheelers, can cost anywhere from $40 to $700 or more, with an average of $370.

Electric Wheelbarrow Price

Electric wheelbarrows can cost between $400 and $7000 with an average of $3,700. The most expensive electric wheelbarrow, above the average price, is commonly used by contractors for heavy construction jobs. In comparison, electric wheelbarrows below the average price are widely used for home landscaping and small site work.

Gas Wheelbarrow Price

The price of a gas wheelbarrow ranges from $2,000 to $12,000 or more, with an average of $7,000. Gas wheelbarrows above the average price are typically used for heavy construction. Gas wheelbarrows below the average price are used for home and building construction, renovation, and daily serious site work.

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Selecting a Wheelbarrow (4 Things to look for)

Wheelbarrows are essential for moving heavy things and materials around the yard or construction site. With many wheelbarrows to choose from, here are four things to look out for.

Wheelbarrow Tray Size

There are many differences in wheelbarrow sizes, from 2 to 13 cubic-ft, but which one should you buy? Well, that will depend on how much material you can push.

The typical size that most people use ranges from 4 to 6 cubic-ft, which are considered mid to large sizes. At the same time, wheelbarrows larger than six cubic-ft are considered oversized and are bulkier. In general, I recommend selecting a medium to large size wheelbarrow because you won’t find much utility in a small wheelbarrow unless you’re working in a small garden.

Wheelbarrow Tray Material

In most cases, I like to recommend a metal/steel wheelbarrow because they are more durable. If you are on the market for a low-cost wheelbarrow, I recommend a plastic wheelbarrow, as they tend to be lower priced.

Wheelbarrow trays are manufactured in metal/steel, plastic, and fabric. Metal wheelbarrows are classified according to the thickness of the steel used in the tray’s construction, which means that the thicker the steel, the stronger it is, but the heavier it is. For example, a 0.8-millimeter steel wheelbarrow tray is ideal for household use that may include garden waste, sand, stone, to name a few.

In addition, with a 0.08-millimeter wheelbarrow, you can also mix concrete in it. However, for mixing concrete, the wheelbarrow usually has a metal/steel wheel to support the weight of the concrete.

Typically wheelbarrows made for concrete have a slightly wider tray to accommodate the concrete. In comparison, plastic wheelbarrows are slightly lighter and more stable than metal wheelbarrows. However, the plastic wheelbarrow tray can’t take a beating when cleaning or moving heavy materials, let alone mixing concrete. Still, other than that, plastic wheelbarrows are very effective.

Wheelbarrow Handle Material

Wheelbarrows are manufactured with wooden, steel/metal, rubber, poly/plastic handles, and all options are suitable. However, wooden handles tend to break and split over time and require proper woodcare to keep them in good condition for a long time.

At the same time, metal handles do not break or split and can withstand the elements with less care. Therefore, I recommend considering a wheelbarrow with steel/metal handles.

Wheelbarrow Wheel Size

I suggest selecting a wheelbarrow with a large wheel because it will provide the most ground clearance. In addition, it is essential to make sure that the tire is properly inflated. And if it is underinflated, it will be a challenge to roll and maneuver.

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How to Use a Wheelbarrow (Helpful guide)

Before using a wheelbarrow, you must perform and check the following checkpoints, which I will cover below.

  1. Assembly
  2. Load capacity
  3. Orientation
  4. Loading
  5. Transporting
  6. Unloading

1. Wheelbarrow Assembly

Wheelbarrows are an assembly of parts, and all handles, frames, and the bumper should be in place and securely fastened. No screws, nuts, or bolts should be missing.

2. Wheelbarrow Load Capacity

Most wheelbarrows have a capacity of 3 to 4 cubic ft and are available on the market from 2 to 14 cubic ft. However, as explained below, you should not fill most wheelbarrows due to the possibility of overloading and or not favorable soil conditions. You should check the tires for proper air pressure. The manufacturer’s recommendations are usually on the sidewall of the tire.

3. Wheelbarrow Orientation

Wheelbarrow orientation refers to positioning the wheelbarrow toward the intended direction of travel when loading. The most efficient practice is to move the wheelbarrow toward the transport destination rather than turning the wheelbarrow backward and then moving toward the transport destination.

4. Wheelbarrow Loading

It would be best if you loaded the wheelbarrow to place the load from the center to the front until you transport sufficient material.

When the material is placed from the center to the front, the load will tend to spread out, creating an ideal load balance that will give you the advantage of transporting the material with less effort. The material should not be thrown into the wheelbarrow, as this can cause the wheelbarrow to tip over.

5. Wheelbarrow Transporting

Transporting the materials will require you to bend the knees and lift the wheelbarrow handles high enough to a horizontal position; if possible, this will aid in smooth and efficient transport. However, if the wheelbarrow is raised too high, the bumper may cause the wheelbarrow to stall or tip forward, spilling the load.

During transport to your destination, the path should be as straightforward as possible of any objects that might cause you to change course. In addition, if an elevation change is required, such as jumping a curb, the best practice is to place a long ramp for smooth and easy transport. For example, this can be as simple as using a piece of plywood or a wide plank to assist the transport process.

6. Wheelbarrow Unloading

It is critical to face the intended unloading point when unloading the wheelbarrow. To achieve a successful unloading point, you will have momentum and gravity when pushing. Then, you will use that momentum and gravity to your advantage; simultaneously, tilt the wheelbarrow upright, and the load will empty from the tray.

However, to make sure all the material is out, you should use both handles and shake the wheelbarrow in its upright position to empty it. To avoid early corrosion, clean and wash the wheels, tray, and wheelbarrow frame after finishing your job to prepare for your next project.

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