Are Hurricane Windows Energy Efficient?

Are Hurricane Proof Windows Energy Efficient

Hurricane-proof windows have been proven effective for winds up to 200 miles per hour and are, yes, energy-efficient. Simply installing hurricane windows can save you hundreds of dollars each year by reducing heat gain in the summer and wintertime months. The U.S. Department of Energy encourages that homeowners across the country to consider installing energy-efficient hurricane windows. Besides, they are considered a green product for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

When it comes to protecting your business or family from inclement weather, several security upgrades are available. Some are expensive, some are ineffective, and some are simply frustrating to use. When preparing for unpleasant weather, you need a solution that won’t make your life more complicated. That’s why installing hurricane-proof windows is a simple, effective, and affordable way to protect both your loved ones and your property from natural disasters.

Let’s see what makes hurricane windows such a reliable option compared to regular windows and those clumsy shutters. Hurricane windows are a popular choice for severe storm areas because these items are built to last. Traditional windows that are highly energy inefficient are responsible for one-quarter to one-third of a homeowner’s average heating and cooling costs – that amount of waste adds up.

What to Consider Before Buying Hurricane Windows

It’s time to ask yourself with hurricane season every year: Am I prepared for a hurricane? Let’s review hurricane windows as an option to prepare for your hurricane. For many homeowners, their windows are old and outdated. Frankly, they need to be replaced anyway. With many of the new energy-efficient products out there, you’ll be able to find the perfect window design for your home or business. So I’ve made a quick list of five questions for you to ask yourself if you’re going to make an informed and educated decision as follows.

Which Hurricane Window Manufacturer Should You Choose?

The first question is: which window do I want? Which manufacturer do you want to do business with? There are many options in the industry today and many well-known companies that are all over the country. What you’re looking for is going to provide you with the best value, what products will give you the best warranty, and who is going to stand behind that warranty ultimately.

Which Hurricane Window Retailer Should You Choose?

The second inquiry you have to ask yourself is: from which retailer will I get the window? Now, when you make that decision, you need to ask yourself some questions like… How long has the company been in business? What is their reputation with the client community out there? What is their rating on the BBB website? Validate these facts before making that decision.

Which Hurricane Window Contractor Should You Choose?

You want to ask yourself: who’s going to do the installation? Am I going to be dealing with a company installation group, or will I be stuck with some subcontractors? This is a critical question because they’re going to be dealing with subcontractors themselves for many people. Typically you’re not properly insured; they don’t have workers’ compensation insurance. If something happens, frankly, there’s no one to back up the initial warranty.

Does the Hurricane Window Contractor Have a Service Department?

So you want to deal with a company that deals with company installers, and it leads to the next question does the company have a full-time service department? A service department with a history of being able to help customers when they have a need. Now, many companies out there again, depend on their installers or their self-contractors to pick up that service work as long as they are in the area. The service can be very suspicious at the time.

Choose the Best Hurricane Window Value

Last but not least, you want to ask yourself which window will provide me the best value. The window that may be a little more money upfront may cost slightly less money over time. Windows that are a little more expensive typically have more energy-efficient elements built into them, which means the number of Low-E coatings found on the glass. The more Low-E typically, the more energy reduction you’ll get in your monthly energy cost that the window will pay for itself in a brief period. Therefore, it might be in your best interest to spend a little more money upfront to get not only hurricane protection but to bring energy efficiency and safety as well.

5 Benefits of Hurricane Windows

These windows have become famous for their safety and the added benefit of noise reduction; in fact, impact windows have become popular purchases just for this feature. Besides being safe and built to last, hurricane windows also provide the following five benefits: External noise reduction, better curb appeal, tax-deductible, insurance-deductible, and stop thieves.

1. External Noise Reduction

They use thick laminated glass and robust framing materials that reduce external noise by up to 40%. Standard windows have little effect on outside disturbances such as lawnmower pets or parties at the neighbor’s house. We all get tired of loud noises that disturb our leisure time during the day or wake us up at midnight. Homes are meant to be sanctuaries to the outside world, and these windows can help achieve this.

2. Better Curb Appeal

These windows also provide superior protection and quality for your home and look great in doing so as well. Modern windows come in an ample variety of styles to choose from, including: Casement, single hung, fixed, rolling horizontally, a project of exit or awning, and fixed style designer. Also, windows can have a variety of finishes and grill options. No matter what style your home is, you can find the right combination to keep your home beautiful while eliminating the need for those unsightly shutters.

3. Tax Deductible

Yes, according to the Bipartisan Budget Act, hurricane windows and other energy-efficient upgrades for your home are eligible for tax-deductible. You can be sure that investing in hurricane-resistant windows is worth it. Did you know that this is one of the top 5 renovations you can get your money back on?

4. Insurance Deductible

Yes, you may also be eligible for insurance reduction when purchasing hurricane windows. With such a wide range of benefits, the next upgrade planned for your property should include an in-depth look at this versatile product. Be sure to get the proper state certification documents indicating that your home or business has been upgraded with hurricane-resistant windows. It is essential to have these state certification documents for insurance purposes or decide to sell your property.

5. Stop Thieves

Yes, the two layers of tempered glass together with the shatterproof membrane means that any attempt at theft will be difficult, if not impossible, for the thieves. Many home and business owners use these fantastic hurricane-proof windows to protect their properties from extreme weather conditions and protect their homes and businesses from thieves. Thieves are lazy and won’t stand a chance with these strong hurricane-proof windows. Suppose you are planning to protect your home or business from thieves. In that case, you should replace the windows in your home or business and all the exterior doors around your home or business.

Can Hurricane Windows Withstand Category 5?

It is recommended that you look for windows with a minimum DP rating of 50, which means that the window can withstand most hurricane Category 5 wind speeds. In addition to superior protection against severe weather, these windows provide several additional benefits for your business or rental property.

What Are Hurricane Windows Made of?

These windows use a shock-resistant film; this film is applied to both sides of the windowpane, sealing the glass inside. This means that even if the window is hit by flying debris or subjected to extreme atmospheric pressure, the glass will remain contained and in place. The glass may break, but it will not blow into the room or cause further damage to your property.

It also uses an inner membrane that fills the space between the glass panes of the window. This membrane is made up of a layer of PVB that holds the glass together, preventing it from flying out. PVB is the same material that is used to make car windshields so resistant to breakage. When combined with the window film, it is almost impossible for hurricane-proof windows to be punctured or broken even in winds of up to 200 miles per hour.